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their precipitation in russia this summer. today john kerry announced he's traveling on tuesday to meet with ukrainian leaders and vladimir putin accepted a proposal from germany to start a dialogue with ukraine. >>> we're just getting started here. coming up, a major protest outside the white house today. we'll tell you what got almost 400 people arrested. >> the academy awards are just wrapping up in los angeles. we'll run down the big winners on oscar night. >>> and storm team four putting together the number for tomorrow's forecast. doug will be back with the snow totals in your neighborhood, next. >>> a tense night for residents of this ten-story apartment building. a fire broke out in a trash chute. this is the phoenix apartments off of 295. one resident was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we're told the fire is out and the smoke cleared. the cause still under investigation. >> hundreds of people were arrested at the white house today. the u.s. parks services, police took away nearly 400 protesters after a march to the white house. these were mostly college students rallying against
after russia authorized the use of troops to protect its interest. secretary of state john kerry told the ukrainian president he has the strong support of the u.s. and thanked him for showing restraint. memphis spoke with the russian president vladamir putin on the phone. the president warned russia there will be consequences for sending troops into ukraine. president obama also spoke with the leaders of france and canada to shore up allied support. protesters gathered outside the white house demanding more action against russia's aggression. and the u.n. secretary-general called on putin to talk with the leaders in kiev. >> cool heads must prevail and dialogue must be the only thing to end this crisis. >> officials in the ukraine asked the u.n. to intervene. the british foreign secretary is traveling to kiev tomorrow. >>> new tonight, so-called revenge porn is just one step closer to being outlawed in virginia. lawmakers passed a bill making distribution illegal. revenge porn is when someone maliciously posts photos of a former lover online simply to embarrass them. the maryland hous
'r >>> latest celebrities bringing their star power to capitol hill. oscar winner ben affleck met wi john kerry today. he plans to testify to raise the issue of the congo. and seth rogan testified for alzehimer's disease funding after opening up about his mother-in-law's battle with the disease. >>> new fallout for target stores after that major security breach that had an impact on $40 million customers. target announced that its all-important fourth-quarter profits were down more than 40%. that includes black friday and holiday sales. the company says the breach scared away a lot of their customers. >>> a lucky break for a guy in new york. he went to a buffalo area store last month, he wanted to buy his favorite scratchoff lottery tickets. he bought seven, but the clerk accidentally handed him eight. when he realized the mistake he handed one back but after winning $25 he went back and bought another scratchoff and that was the one that hit the jackpot to the tune of $10 million! he's quit his job already and he promised his mom a trip to see her family in poland. >>> you ever had a dog that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3